Does bankruptcy also get rid of your tax debts? – Tax Lawyer explained

If your debts can be cleared with bankruptcy then will your tax debts also get cleared and you will be able to get your tax refund back? This is a crucial question for many, especially those with tax debts who are worried about being forced to pay taxes without being able to get the refund


Why having a well-trusted tax relief company matters in getting tax relief settlement with the IRS.

I received help from Republic tax relief and was able to settle with IRS for $29,700 less than what I owe. It was my first time paying someone to handle a tax problem, and I was impressed with the ease of the process and the help I received. I will be using this site to


What is a One Time Forgiveness and does the IRS offer it to everyone?

One Time Forgiveness With more than a million people owing money to the IRS at any given moment and the limited resources and workforce that the IRS has, the IRS does have the self-awareness that they cannot collect every penny every tax debtor has owed. However, the IRS does intend to collect every penny it


Can the IRS take away my home?

YES, they can, but most likely they won’t. The IRS has the ability and legal power to seize your property to force you to pay back your tax debt. Taking your property is one of the most potent and fearful tactics in its arsenal. However, the IRS does not seize any tax debtor’s property any


What is Offer in Compromise and How Does it Work?

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is an agreement between the IRS and a person who owes tax debt to the IRS to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount they were originally owed. Anyone who owes tax debt can make the offer, but IRS will only accept the offer from qualified taxpayers


What is a tax installment plan and, how much do I pay?

A tax installment plan is an agreement between the IRS and a person who owes tax debt to the IRS to repay the said tax debt within a time period. The installment plan must be paid in full by the taxpayer within the time period agreed by both the IRS and the taxpayer to clear