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Tax Relief Settlements
Immediate Resolution

After your tax debt analysis, you will immediately be assigned an enrolled agent, tax attorney or CPA. Any garnishments, liens or levies will be addressed immediately for tax relief.

Veteran Owned Business
Veteran Owned Business

As a veteran owned company, our management insists that we serve our clients with the honor and commitment that they served their country with. We fight for you, the client towards tax settlements.

Tax Relief Help Documents
Confidential Tax Debt Analysis

All of your information and personal details are never shared or discussed with third parties. All tax resolution and tax relief is handled in house by our skilled tax professionals.

Stop the Harassment Immediately! Our Tax Technicians will start working for you within minutes of engagement.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

To qualify you must have an inability to repay the debt within the time the IRS has to collect on the debt.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS may assess a variety of penalties on your tax account including late filing and late payment fees.

Installment Agreement

This agreement allows you to pay your full debt in equal, yet smaller and more manageable amounts.

Statute of Limitations

The time limitation (generally 10 years) on which the IRS can collect taxes and levies. The start time varies for each action taken.

Tax Lien Discharge

You relinquish your rights and allow any property with an IRS lien to be sold free and clear of the tax lien.

Administrative Appeal

You may file an administrative appeal with the IRS under four circumstances.

About Us

Millions of Americans owe back taxes for a multitude of reasons and we understand that. We work with individuals and business owners alike that have been in situations where their personal life may have prevented them from filing on time or even at all and that is certainly understandable. We are here to assist in getting you back on track and off the radar of the federal and state tax authorities and to ensure a favorable outcome for you. At Republic Tax Relief our philosophy is to treat all of our clients with the utmost care and respect, with professional integrity and confidentiality. We hold your satisfaction to the highest priority and you can be rest assured that you decision to choose us for your tax resolution will be a positive one.

Our Best Services

Find out how we SETTLE your tax debt today. Get a free tax relief consultation by our professionals and learn more about tax relief, settlements, and more.


Frequently Asked Tax Relief Questions

How do I get started?

Call one of our Tax Specialists today for a free, no obligation consultation. We will determine whether we can represent you and work on guiding you to the best possible tax solution for your specific case. If you choose to become a client, we will start working immediately on your case to help resolve your tax issue the quickest and most effective way possible.

How long does this process take?

Every Tax case has its specific challenge and procedures. In most cases, the process takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to resolve. Once we determine how complex your tax issue is, we will be better able to determine your case timeline. Our goal at Republic Tax Relief is to achieve the best possible result regarding your specific tax situation in the quickest possible way. Our goal is to resolve your tax issues quickly and in your best interests.

How much will I save?

Each individual case is unique and we may not be able to save you anything at all. We can evaluate your case, determine if you will qualify as a client and help determine if we can save you money. For those that qualify, we have typically been successful in saving our clients money on their tax debt as well as settling cases for a fraction of the amount owed.

What is Tax Relief and how do I qualify for it?

Tax relief is a program that the IRS put into practice years ago to allow taxpayers to potentially settle tax debts for a percentage of what is owed. Tax Relief is available on different levels depending on your specific tax situation. While the IRS does not openly promote these programs, Republic Tax Relief specializes in finding the best possible solution for those who qualify.
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