Why did some people did not receive the second stimulus payment?


The second stimulus bill was voted for by the government at the end of last year. Many Americans who earn less than $75,000 have already started to receive their check directly deposited into their primary bank account is reported to the IRS. However, many people will have to wait for the money to arrive in either a paper check or a state-issued debit card.

In some cases, people will not see the money until they file for the 2020 taxes, which increases the potential hardships these people may experience. What gives?

The IRS claims that some people will only receive the $600 stimulus until after they file for 2020 taxes to evaluate the qualifications. Still, the IRS did not state how many individuals or families are affected, when, and how they will receive the form. However, judging from the previous rollout of the stimulus, we can go off some facts and patterns on why some people did not receive it.

We know that students who owe student debt are eligible to receive the stimulus check. However, if the child is listed as a dependant and is age 17 or above, they cannot receive the $600 stimulus check. Children that are dependant, and age below 17 can receive $600.

The more confusing cases are when those dependants who have transitioned frond dependant to independent during the pandemic, the IRS will likely require those individuals to file their taxes for 2020 first to receive the stimulus.

Cases where a citizen and their non-citizen spouse can also receive the stimulus, provided they earn less than $75,000 if filing as single tax filer, $124,500 if one is filing as Head of household, or $174,000 if they filed jointly as married couple. However, stimulus payment will only be granted to people with a social security number. Other non-citizens are not eligible for the stimulus payment even if you file for taxes.