How to Qualify for One Time Forgiveness in 2021


We have the highest one time forgiveness tax debt success rate in the nation. We use the same debt settlement company and legal representation as the IRS. We will help negotiate your settlement and we do not charge any up front fees for legal representation. You will only have to pay a nominal fee at the end of the case to us for services rendered. In some cases we are able to offer monthly payments as opposed to a lump sum payment for you. We can take care of your case immediately. There is no waiting period on our office. We have been assisting debtors with IRS tax problems since the 1990’s and have built up a reputation for helping debtors get out of a sticky situation. The IRS often times will give you the run around so we are the best place to go to get rid of the IRS. Call republic tax for a free confidential consultation and no obligation on your part. There is nothing to lose.

We also specialize in IRS Tax liens and levies. We can provide a free consultation and determine if you need to file an IRS Tax return in order to clear the tax lien. If you do not file an IRS Tax return, you will be able to have a lien removed immediately. Otherwise, if you file an IRS Tax return, we can work on getting the IRS lien removed. You can then file a lawsuit against the IRS for the IRS Tax lien or levy. If you do not file an IRS Tax return, you will be able to file an IRS Tax return and have the lien removed within one month.